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Costa Rica Surfing | Costa Rica Weather, Seasons, and Travel information

Costa Rica Surfing

Posted on 24. Sep, 2011 by in Adventure, Sports, Tips & Interests

Costa Rica Surfing Destination Choice

costa rica surfing spots

Costa Rica sports Miles of consistent surf spots

Costa Rica may be a country known for perfect weather, climate, beaches and lush forests but for tourists and even locals, one specific activity will always remain on the top of the list: surfing. This is one water activity which Costa Rica is famous for. The contours of the land together with its ideal setting between two oceans give Costa Rica the kind of paradise every surfer dreams of: monster waves, idyllic tides, lazy afternoon sunshine and a slight taste of salt on your face.

The Costa Rica Surfing Season is Year Round

There are many reasons why Costa Rica is considered to be a traveler’s oasis and one of the best surfer hotspots. Location wise, not only is South America smack in the middle of the globe making travel relatively easy from anywhere but it is also a land of endless beaches. It is a country that is sandwiched between two major oceans that Costa Rica’s coast is literally just miles and miles of sand, sea and beautiful, pristine shorelines. The sheer breadth and length of the beaches this country has can allow you to frolic and have fun even during peak season when so many tourists are also about.

Costa Rica Is home to some of the most consistent waves in the world. The Costa Rica surfing season is virtually the entire year. You can find surf spots that can cater to every level, starting at the absolute beginner to advanced world class reef and point breaks.

Best Surfing in Costa Rica

Another reason for Costa Rica’s popularity among surfers is the fact that the nation as a whole consists of surfing enthusiasts. You will

Best surfing in Costa Rica

Early morning surf session followed by sunset surf sessions are the norm in Costa Rica.

be challenged to find a person from this country who cannot surf, much less talk or understand the thrill that this water activity can bring. The coast is littered with quaint surfing beach towns with friendly locals. Just head down to the local bar and buy one of the local surfers a beer and they will be more then happy to tell where the best surfing in Costa Rica is

What sets Costa Rica surfing apart from any other surfing destination however is the natural contour and layout of the land. Costa Rica’s shore offer diverse waves brought about by the sandbars its beaches are peppered with. Some sandbars are ideally located to offer seasoned or expert surfers just the right swell to keep them challenged and interested. A few miles off and another sandbar may just be the reason why waves are kept at a minimum, making it perfect and safe for the ‘grommets’ or beginners. The presence of these land formations are the reasons why the tides vary. It is simply a matter of choosing the beach to suit your surfing prowess.

costa rica surf rentals & Costa Rica Surf schools

Costa Rica surf rentals Costa Rica surf schools

Costa Rica is the worlds most popular learn to surf destination

This is the main reason for Costa Rica’s surfing fame. Avid surfers that travel to the country alone or with their family can be assured of a holiday where everybody can enjoy this surfing sport regardless of the level of expertise or age. There are also surfing instructors you can enlist or ‘classes’ you can attend. Of course, this class would take place in the water – there is no theoretical instruction here. If you really want to dive in you can also book a complete surf package at one of the many all inclusive surf camp schools.

If your an independent experienced or even advanced surfer, no problem. There are plenty of surf shops where you can rent or buy used surfboards as well as any other surf gear you may need. You can easily find any shape or sizes from the retro fish to the hybrid machine made or even local hand shaped Costa Rican board.

Spend some time in Costa Rica and ride the Central America waves. Learn a new sport or simply enjoy the feel of the sun on your back, the salt in the air and the sand on your cheek. Develop your back muscles and keep fit the fun, effortless way. Surfers are known to have sexy lean physiques with strong backs, powerful arms and fit, firm legs to balance as well as paddle in the water. Try your hand at Costa Rica surfing; come to Costa Rica to experience the ultimate tropical water activity.

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    27. Sep, 2011

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