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Best Costa Rica Scuba Diving | Costa Rica Weather, Seasons, and Travel information

Best Locations for Costa Rica Scuba Diving

Posted on 04. Mar, 2012 by in Adventure, Sports, Tips & Interests

About Costa Rica Scuba Diving

costa rica scuba diving infoCosta Rica is slowly emerging as a scuba diving haven for millions of tourists. Costa Rica scuba diving is built around the massive schools of fish, rich marine life and consistent Costa rica temperature all year through. Scuba diving has also provided economic opportunities for thousands of Costa Ricans. The Pacific side of Costa Rica may not have an ideal underwater visibility to promote a thriving scuba diving sector, certain parts of the coast areideal for scuba diving such as Playa Hermosa, Playas del Coco and Playa Ocotal. Underwater life is in full display in these areas, from tropical fishes to sharks.
Where to Go

The Drake Bay Scuba Diving

The Drake Bay is considered one of the best scuba diving spots on the Pacific side of the Costa Rica. Two areas- Isla del Coco and Isla del Caño are known for having some of the most spectacular sights underwater. These islands are rich in marine life, with different fish species, turtles and sharks co-existing with each other. Any tourist wanting to experience the best in scuba diving in Costa Rica should try to visit these islands.
Isla del Caño
Isla del Caño is considered by many scuba diving experts as the best place to go Costa Rica scuba diving.  The island was formed after a volcanic activity. It is an exposed chunk of anscuba diving isla del cano underwater mountain. Scuba diving lovers will love its diverse diving attractions ranging from coral reef slopes to coral walls.  The island is known for being home to a diverse variety of marine life, with schools of devil rays, pelagic fish, white tip reef sharks and turtles spotted on dive sites. Scuba diving tourists in Costa Rica will find the thousands of schools of fish blotting out the sun as they dive underneath the fishes. Other species that have been spotted at dive sites around the island include the false killer whales, Humpback pilot, white tipped reef sharks, southern sting rays, green sea turtles, Pacific mantra rays and bull sharks.
Unlike most parts of the Pacific coast, Isla del Caño has a good water visibility. Scuba divers can go as deep as 90 feet. The temperature is also ideal all year round, providing for a fantastic diving experience. However, Costa Rica scuba diving in the island is regulated as only a maximum of 10 divers is allowed to explore the island at a time. Only five diving sites are open to the public. To get to the island, divers have to take a 45-minute boat ride from Drake Bay and another 90 minutes from Sierpe.
Isla del Coco


Best Scuba Diving Costa Rica
Tourists on a diving trip to Costa Rica should also consider going to Isla del Coco, or Cocos island which also happens to be the largest uninhabited island in the world. Isla del Coco is home to a staggering number of schooling fishes ranging from hammerheads, amberjacks, whitetip reef sharks, blue-spotted jacks and skipjacks.  Other species that are prevalent in the water of the island are bull sharks, mobula rays, wahoo, oceanic whitetip, Galapagos, whale sharks and bottlenose dolphins. Because of the natural wonders of the island, Isla del Coco was named as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1997.
Divers on a Costa Rica scuba diving expedition however will have to do a lot of traveling in order to reach this island. Because Isla del Coco lies nearly 550 kilometers off the coast of Costa Rica, it usually takes more or less 36 hours on board a dive boat to reach the island. However, many hardcore scuba divers attest that travel is a minor issue given the splendid underwater sights at Isla del Coco.

Costa Rica Scuba Diving Tours

Tourists excited for a scuba diving trip in Costa Rica may sign up with the numerous tour groups and travel agencies offering scuba diving trips to these islands. The scuba diving facilities in the country are also top-notch, ensuring a safe, pleasurable and convenient scuba diving trip in this Latin American nation.

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