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Costa Rica’s Top Resort locations | Costa Rica Weather, Seasons, and Travel information

Costa Rica’s Top Resort locations

Posted on 22. Mar, 2011 by in Adventure, Tips & Interests

Costa Rica is known far and wide for a variety of things. The people, the land, everything seems to be perfect and more aptly put, seems as God Sent. This is primarily the reason why tourists flock to Costa Rica; for the best that Costa Rica offers -the blissful beaches.

This Latin American country possesses some of the world’s most beautiful and exquisite resorts. Being located in the navel connecting South and North America, Costa Rica profits from the beauty and majesty of the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans, which have blessed the country with rich and vibrant marine life; and most importantly, world class beaches. As such, people from all over the world congregate to Costa Rica to have a piece of the many wonderful tropical and oceanic resorts.

Some of the most profound resorts in Costa Rica are enumerated below; although you are bound to find a perfect resort anywhere you go in this amazing country:

First on the list is Manuel Antonio. In this resort, you can snorkel, swim, dive, surf, sunbathe and do much, much more. The beach of this resort is filled not only with fine, white sand and clear blue-green waters; it is also surrounded by a rainforest and a waterfalls. Basically, not only you can do all the things that you wish to enjoy at a normal beach, but you can also undertake other adventurous activities like river kayaking, hiking, and ziplining. Not to mention the alluring view of the ocean and everything grand therein; the exotic view of the landmasses.

Next in line is the Corcovado, the pride of Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula. It is a beach with soft, white, and windswept beaches lined with towering yet graceful palm trees. It is also surrounded as if in a protective embrace by Costa Rica’s famed rainforest containing some of the country’s unique wildlife. Your stay in Corcovado will also take you to the mystical island Isla del Cano, where you can dive and see a dazzling array of endemic marine life, or go and examine the island’s ancient spherical stones which was once thought by many as magical and extraterrestrial. You might disagree on its origins, but no one will question its splendour.

Third is Tortuguero. This is a resort found within a national reserve. Here you will be given the opportunity to have a reunion with sixteen of Costa Rica’s most endangered species like the tapirs, ocelots and the Turtuguero (local name for the giant leatherback turtle, the largest turtle species in the world). If you are nature lover, then this is the place you want to spend eternity. The resort management not only developed and exploited the beauty of the coastal beach; it also reached out to the jungle. Hence, you can even go canoeing through the jungle canals, or hike inside the wild and untamed jungle with experienced jungle guides.

The last but not the least, is Nicoya Peninsula. The thing about this one is that it is not only one, single beach; it is a chain of many beaches. The Nicoya Peninsula is a long stretch of soft, fine, white sandy beachs extending hundreds of miles from one end to the other. That is why you are bound to find plentiful resorts to choose from, each offering unique services.


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