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COSTA RICA – Creatures The Critter Creeps | Costa Rica Weather, Seasons, and Travel information

COSTA RICA – Creatures The Critter Creeps

Posted on 03. Mar, 2011 by in Rainy Season, Wildlife

Costa Rica, according to the World Wide Fun (WWF), is the most eco-friendly country in the world. Indeed, visiting Costa Rica would open your eyes to a wildlife that you will not find anywhere else on Earth. In addition, in the next decade or so, the government is certain that Costa Rica will be carbon free. This Latin American country bestows to nature the respect that it deserves, probably the only country in the world to do so.

For the greater part, this is very euphoric news. No one can even think about criticizing these efforts of the Costa Rican government. However, this does make the traveller, who hates and fears critters, quite a bit wary, which of course doesn’t mean that he is any sort of a danger as such.

As you might already know, Costa Rica has only two seasons: the dry season and the wet season. A lot of tourists flock to this country during the months of December up to April because, the sunshine is at a constant. But if you thought that most of the people come here in summer, you would be surprised to witness a large number of tourists in the rainy season! The reason being, that Costa Rica is an alluringly beautiful country to visit, all year round. Nature and people, both exude an irresistible appeal, which any foreigner cannot ignore. However, for those, who do not like little creatures, little, slimy, freaky creatures, it is definitely suggested that they wait until the next dry season for their visit, because in the rainy season, there critters are galore, inevitably found everywhere and can really give you the creeps, if you cannot ignore their presence.

As mentioned already, the diversity of Costa Rica’s wildlife is second only to that of the Amazon rainforest. You will find plenty of unique creatures here. This is a relatively good thing and attractive too, if you are a naturalist and enjoy experiencing such a varied array of species, which otherwise cannot be found in almost any part of the world. During the rainy season, these creatures are at their busiest and their most active phase. Creatures; especially reptiles and amphibians like snakes, frogs, toads, terrapins, lizards, and many others; go out en masse in search of suitable mates. They are merely driven by instinct, the instinct to breed and multiply. It is not unusual to find any one or two of these creatures at the front of the porch of your rented house or probably trying to enter your house and your room too. Although some may find this enjoyable; but if you have a phobia for these creatures, you could end up with the nightmare of your life.

Another possible scenario which can lead to your accidental meeting with critters is when the rain water carries them to you. Remember that in some places in Costa Rica, the rain really floods the area fast, so you may start hearing creatures croaking or hissing far on the outside at first, but soon enough, you could realize the sound becoming more prominent as these creatures get carried on close to your hotel or apartment along with the water progression.

Conclusively, if you have an uncontrollable, albeit irrational, fear of such creatures; it would be most apt for you to refrain from visiting Costa Rica in the rainy season.

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