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COSTA RICA – Negatives of Visiting in Summer Dry Season | Costa Rica Weather, Seasons, and Travel information

COSTA RICA – Negatives of Visiting in Summer Dry Season

Posted on 03. Mar, 2011 by in Dry Season

Everybody knows that the best place to go to a tropical paradise is in the summer. Summer is vacation time in the first place! Also, everything in summer seduces you to go to a tropical beach. Summer is when the sun is at its hottest and staying at home during this “oven like” period, is excruciatingly torturous. You want to find yourself in a nice resort with fine, white sand surrounded by palm trees and a wide, serene, blue ocean, you do gasp out saying – “this is paradise”.

Costa Rica, a country in Latin America, is one of the few countries all over the world with beaches that reflect the saintly values of its people and the raw beauty of nature. It is real paradise. Everybody knows what Costa Rica has up its sleeves, and everybody wants to be there. Costa Rica’s beaches have the so called ‘magnetic personality,’ they are simply irresistible.

From the above, one could conclude that the country’s beaches are almost always full and crowded, which is especially true during the summer months of December to April. Popular beaches like Pavones in the South Pacific and Isla Uvita in the Caribbean are at their optimum capacity, if not more, in the peak months of summer. If you are a tourist who likes uncrowded beaches; value solitude, peace, and quietness; want to enjoy nature’s undisturbed beauty, you will want to visit Costa Rica, because this place is full of fun, joy, activity and people enjoying their lives unrestrictedly.

Here are other things that you can expect to find if you go to a Costa Rican beach in the summer:

  1. If it were an overnight decision and then you fly the following morning, there is a very real possibility that you will not have a hotel or a lodge. Visitors have been known to apply for reservations weeks or even months ahead. Everybody expects that the place is going to be overflowing with tourists and they want to be sure in advance, that they manage to get a room before they are all taken..!
  2. Assuming that you too, just like the others, have reserved ahead, and seemingly everything goes smooth, you retire for the night to rejuvenate yourself for an exciting next day. The sun appears the next day and you step out to the resort clad in your swimming attire expecting to first bask in the sun before taking a dip in the fine blue sea. But, alas! You realise, that the coast is full of people! And you will not be able to find the peace that you came here for, instead hear loud cries of people’s excitements.
  3. If you give a thought about the state and hygienic condition of the water, that you would be plunging into, with all those people and children, I am sure you would detest the thought of asking yourself, will it be as fresh as you imagined it would? Will it even be as blue as you pictured it would? Prompting yourself at the same time, with the answer “No”.

Therefore conclusively, if you intend to enjoy Costa Rica’s beaches, it would be highly recommended that you visit in the winter, which really is not as bad it sounds. With your visit in winter, you will have the beach to yourself and your family; to share with just a handful of other people, wanting as much as you do, to enjoy a peaceful, quiet, and most of all, uncrowded tropical resort; and who have most likely read this article..!

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