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COSTA RICA – Retirement Re-youth Option | Costa Rica Weather, Seasons, and Travel information

COSTA RICA – Retirement Re-youth Option

Posted on 13. Mar, 2011 by in Tips & Interests

People have always resented the thought of old age. Indeed, it is a rather depressing thought to try and visualize, what is left for all of us once we have become frail or what do we do once we retire. Do we stay at home? Or live in a home for the aged? I am sure not many people would cherish this thought.

By incorporating Costa Rica as a part of our retirement plan, we definitely can find relief from these agonizing thoughts. The important question here would be: Why Costa Rica once I retire? And the answer to this would be as follows:

As already known by many, Costa Rica is a unique paradise. Being a tropical country its weather is pretty good; especially for old people, because of no subfreezing conditions, which otherwise can wreck havoc in the lives of patients suffering from arthritis. Further, Costa Rica is surrounded by two of the world’s most exciting (albeit, sometimes terrifying) oceans: the Pacific and the Atlantic, which bestows the country with a numerous beautiful and idyllic beaches and resorts.

The Costa Rican government is very helpful to retirees wishing to spend the rest of their lives in Costa Rica. In fact, they even support the retirees in making arrangements for their paper work to be expedited, leaving them with only the most minimal formalities to complete. In addition, they also provide special assistance and benefits to such retirees in setting up their own business in the country. All of this, incredibly so..!

The country also has a pocket-friendly Healthcare system compared to that of the US or Canada. The medical practitioners here are as competent as that of such first world countries because the medical schools in the country are top notch and most of them are closely affiliated with the universities in the USA.

If the retirees have children under 18, the government provides education plans tailored for these youngsters and their siblings, ensuring their access to high-quality Costa Rican education. This is a rather unique endeavor by the Costa Rican government which is unheard of in any of the Latin American nations.

The most alluring policy of the Costa Rican government, which makes it the dream retirement destination, is the government’s promise to the retirees, of not taxing their monthly retirement income. This is an incredibly appealing promise, which acts as a magnet for the people considering shifting to other countries after their retirement.

Costa Rica has a relatively low crime rate. The citizens are amongst the most content people in the world. They respect what they are, what they have and they prefer sharing instead of storing; be it joy or a materialistic instrument. They are extremely proud, to the extent that they brag to the world, that their society is the most just, believes in quality and recognition of each individual; and therefore, is the most balanced society in the world. This is rather evident from the fact that in Costa Rica, during social gatherings, even the President of the country is addressed by his first name by the common people, without offending him or his ego. Although, of course it would be untrue to say that Costa Rica is 100% crime free, but compared to any other society in the world, Costa Rica boasts an extremely insignificant crime rate.

Such advantages facilitate the retirees to experience an exhilarating life style after retirement, which everyone in this world deserves, for having worked countless years in making his and families’ ends meet. Costa Rica indeed provides this due regard and respect to the fading generation, as a salutation to their efforts.



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