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COSTA RICA – Summer & Dry Season | Costa Rica Weather, Seasons, and Travel information

COSTA RICA – Summer & Dry Season

Posted on 03. Mar, 2011 by in Dry Season

Costa Rica has one of the world’s most unique climates. Being geographically situated close to the equator, the country has two main seasons: the dry season and the rainy/wet season. However, because of the mountainous terrain of the country and the fact that the population is scattered throughout the region, the country’s climate is often termed as ‘micro climate’, which is best explained with an example, that if you go down to the beach in the dry season, you will have a scorching hot day. But as soon as you commence to travel up the northern parts, owing to them being closer to the mountains, you’ll witness a significant and a rather drastic change, from hot to cool; and then from cool to cold.

The dry season in Costa Rica commences in December and lasts till the end of April. If you intend to visit Costa Rica, it may be advantageous for you to visit in the dry season as you otherwise may unknowingly end up synchronizing your visit with another deadly Caribbean visitor – the hurricanes of the Atlantic which instead of entering and dissipating in the gulf area, hit Costa Rica with their maximum brutal force. This can really be a “killjoy” for one’s vacation and may lead to your getting stuck, with no outbound alternative from the country.

In the dry season however, a trip to Costa Rica can be extremely pleasurable on the beaches, which boast to be one of the best and cleanest in the world, owing to its raw exotic beauty. Just enjoy any of the warm, white beaches, socialize, take a dip in their ecologically diverse waters; and during December, which is the start of the dry season, remnants of the hurricane season lash out rather enormous waves, which are ideal for surfing activities. Caribbean beaches are famous over the world as being the most attractive for surfing enthusiasts.

Once you’ve had enough of the beaches, sea and the sun, you could head inland where you can sight see, do a safari about the wildlife reserves, wetlands and zoos where you’ll be able to witness some of the most exclusive species of animals, insects and birds which are exclusively found in Costa Rica. You could also adventure into witnessing a beholding sight, to watch famed volcanoes up some of the hills and mountains, which are regularly spewing molten, red, hot magma. This activity is something which is totally restricted to the dry season, as in the rainy seasons; there is an extreme likelihood of landslides which can be precariously detrimental.

Historically, Costa Rica was once a Spanish colony, and similar to other Spanish colonies around the world, such as Brazil or Philippines, there are innumerable fiestas and festivals held in Costa Rica. For someone who enjoys participating in such carnivals, Costa Rica is definitely one of the best places in the world to be, for thorough enjoyment, as in Costa Rica, it seems that the people are looking for reasons to rejoice with carnivals and one or two carnivals in a month can definitely be expected in the dry season. The infamous Carnaval de Puntarenas is held in February, where you can witness never ending parades and street fairs. The Dia del Boyero in March, held at Escazu, contains parades of colorful ox-carts throughout the city, which is simply unique and alluring for the visitors.

Costa Rica is the place for anyone who enjoys having fun, as this is one of the very few countries in the world, which consists of extremely hospitable people who are deeply in love with their country, culture and environment; and with the fall of the dry season, they really express these feelings in a very awe inspiring way, by spreading fun, colors and joy all across the country.

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