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Costa Rica 101: The Retiree’s Guide for Costa Rica Information | Costa Rica Weather, Seasons, and Travel information

Costa Rica 101: The Retiree’s Guide for Costa Rica Information

Posted on 05. May, 2012 by in Tips & Interests

Costa Rica Information

Costa Rica information on RetirementIf some countries are regarded as famous tourist destinations, Costa Rica is a different story altogether. For one, it is known as one of the top-of-mind countries that people consider spending their retirement years in. This fact has undoubtedly stirred the curiosity of many individuals as to what exactly makes Costa Rica attractive to many retirees from the United States and Canada. Anyone who sets out to search for Costa Rica information is definitely in for a box of surprises as this country, which is surrounded by the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, does offer a lot to its future residents.

A Truly Relaxing Climate

Costa Rica offers the best temperate climate that makes hanging out by the beach all the more enjoyable. The temperatures do not get too high and they do not get too low as well. Especially for the more aged ones, having a moderate climate is vital in maintaining a good health. Once the sun shines, there seems to be so much to do. The country’s natural beauty is too exquisite to stay at home. Mountain valleys are the best places for hiking and appreciate the scenery. People could take in the breath-taking sights by taking long walks by the countryside and smell the fresh air not a lot of places, especially cities, can offer.

Costa Rica’s climate is such an attraction to both tourists and potential residents. Anyone who intends to soak up the sun can head to the white sandy beaches of the city and enjoy many water activities. For someone who is thinking of retiring in Costa Rica, he will not be disappointed by the great outdoors that its perfect climate allows every person to experience.

Costa Rica Information: Cost of Living

Retire and enjoy it

Relocating can be quite a financial challenge to anyone, especially to retirees who have no other source of income other than their pension. Good thing about Costa Rica is that it does not require its locals to live a high-maintenance lifestyle. Costa Rica information would reveal that from real estate to basic needs, residents of Costa Rica do not need much to get by. Taxes are quite low and even properties are sold at a fraction of a cost, compared to the United States. Even basic utilities such as electricity, telephone service, and water are relatively cheaper compared to other countries. Retirees are presented with two lifestyle options. They can either choose to live simply or in extravagance; either way, Costa Rica continues to be an ideal place to live comfortably and achieve an excellent quality of life.

Budding Business Industry

Costa Rica information would show that the country also presents numerous business opportunities for retirees who are thinking of investing their financial resources in a business. Establishing a business in Costa Rica may present challenges, including the language barrier, but the country’s economy has seen young entrepreneurs choosing to put up businesses in Costa Rica.


Since 1948, there has been no record of any threat to the government’s stability. Costa Rica residents have continued to enjoy their independence. The country continues to operate without an army simply because there is nothing to be defended and there has been no threat to its democracy. As such, life expectancy is high in the country because people are safe and protected from any danger that its neighboring countries might pose.

Costa Rica businessDeciding where to settle down after a retirement is a major decision. Knowing that the retiree is somewhat in his old age already, it is important that he is able to live comfortably without have to worry for his safety and even financial security. There are still so much to be learned about the country but so far, every Costa Rica information available to retirees and tourists alike presents the country as an ideal place to spend years, if not days, of relaxation and ultimate comfort.


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