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Costa Rica Expats, Winning Destination of Expatriates | Costa Rica Weather, Seasons, and Travel information

Costa Rica Expats, Winning Destination of Expatriates

Posted on 09. Mar, 2011 by in Tips & Interests

When we are provided with an opportunity to take up a job assignment abroad, we literally go into deep research about what that place has to offer to us and our family.

Ensuring that we all enjoy the serving tenure in that nation, savouring the sweetness of life that has time and again evaded us as we lived our past working years within the monotony of our native country. Gratification is difficult to achieve if you have been too accustomed with the place you have dwelled in for long, especially if that place is noisy, polluted and dangerous, or too complicated.

One would want to leave that place and spend the rest of his professional life in another neighbourhood which is in contrast to the current. Maybe to a place where the weather is conducive all throughout the year; where the people are friendly; a place which offers top class education, adequate medical facilities, and security to the family. In the case of nature being at its glory in such a country, this aspect would definitely add to the attraction of moving there.

If you were to research Costa Rica, you would realize that this place is none other than the tropical paradise for the expatriates who are posted here. The name Costa Rica is actually Spanish which literally translates to English as ‘Rich Coast’ and indeed, you will not find many countries which could match up to the facilities and beauty offered in this country.

Enumerated below, are a few reasons why Costa Rica is the choicest destination for expatriates.

  1. Cost of living in Costa Rica is extremely reasonable and much less than most developed countries. People who have immigrated from the USA or Europe have found it extremely cost effective to shift to Costa Rica. Even with the same salaries that they were paid in their native land, which sufficed for a normal lifestyle there, it is more than enough to afford a luxurious lifestyle in Costa Rica.
  2. The Costa Rican government will assist you all the way so that you and your family can live a happy, normal, and secure life within the country. The government provides huge exemptions for income taxes which implies that you can even save large amounts of money despite having a spendthrift attitude associated with leading a luxurious life.
  3. The Costa Rican society is one of the most peaceful in the world. Surveys in the past showed that Costa Ricans are among the most self contented people, even more than the citizens of first-world countries. So you can peacefully work in the office, remaining confident that your family will be provided with the much needed neighborhood support in their day to day lives.
  4. Schooling in Costa Rica is available for all classes of societies, suiting every budget one may have. The top schools are comparable to the ones in the USA or Canada. The Universities are mostly associated with profound American universities, offering top notch education and systems. You can rest assured that there is going to be no compromise in the stature of education that your children shall receive in Costa Rica.
  5. Costa Ricans believe that they live in a society where the invisible yet conspicuous boundary dividing the different social classes is non-existent in any place in their country. Therefore, they are happy, satisfied, and dignified. This is not, however, to negate the existence of crimes in the country. There are crimes, but the crimes here are among the lowest in the world. The security aspect of your family should not really be a concern when shifting to Costa Rica.
  6. Medical facilities and supporting infrastructure in Costa Rica are already touching international standards and is improving further. This is evident from the fact that medical tourism in Costa Rica is a huge industry, with medical tourists flocking in from all over the world. The doctors have mainly received their education from USA or the least, with local universities which adhere to the American standards of training for medical personnel. The associated costs are significantly low and therefore this aspect is alluring for expatriates instead of being a reason for worry.


With only advantages to offer, Costa Rica should be considered a preferred expatriate destination. There have even been people, who have tried persuading their management to provide them a job posting in Costa Rica instead of their own native land!

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  1. Tee

    20. Mar, 2011

    There is in fact quite an extensive expat community in Costa Rica – Americans, Canadians and Brits, to name a few. Why? The “Pura Vida” lifestyle and philosophy is truly appealing, but so are the low cost of living, prices of property and infrastructure where its easy to conduct business, especially over the internet, or take a plane ride from airports served by many international carriers.

    - Tee

    Tee is the founder and senior editor of Costa Rica CLOSEUP a Travel Guide to Costa Rica with Events, Articles and Information for everyone traveling, retiring and/or purchasing real estate in Costa Rica. Please visit http://www.costaricacloseup.com for more information.

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