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COSTA RICA Is Hot! – Save yourself from The Sun | Costa Rica Weather, Seasons, and Travel information

COSTA RICA Is Hot! – Save yourself from The Sun

Posted on 03. Mar, 2011 by in Dry Season, Tips & Interests

It is summer. You desperately want to leave the hustle and bustle of the city and you want to be somewhere where you can enjoy enough to justify the meaning of the word ‘fun’ to yourself. With this thought, Costa Rica is the first tourist spot, which immediately comes to mind. Plentiful beaches, clean air, fresh breeze with extremely hospitable and friendly people. Definitely Costa Rica is nothing less than an epitome of a perfect nirvana.

But first, you have to prepare the things that you will carry along. Besides the basic things like clothes, bags, extra money, credit cards (common sense will tell you that you need to bring these basic traveling items), you also have to importantly consider, what kind of weather you are going to experience.

Costa Rica is very, very sunny during summer season. So, if you intend to spend the vast bulk of your time on the eternally wonderful beaches of Costa Rica, then you might want to add on a few sun protection paraphernalia such as the ones suggested below:

  1. Sunscreen: This is something that must be added to your must-bring items. If you are a person who loves to sun bathe (but hates dying a slow, painful and ugly death through skin cancer), then you might want to apply sunscreen. Sunscreen, as it implies, ‘screens’ the dangerous UV rays from the sun so that they don’t penetrate the sensitive layers of the skin. You get the heat, but not the UV, that’s how sunscreen works – in theory, at least. You should remember that sweat and other forms of liquid will gradually wash off the application. So it is wise to re-apply this every once in awhile. One more thing, if you take a plunge in the pool, especially the salt water, it’s best not to sun bathe. This is inviting disaster. The microscopic cells of the human skin absorb some of the water. They become soft and sensitive. Our skin is sensitive enough already to the destructive UV rays, staying in the water for quite a while magnifies this sensitivity a great deal.
  2. Sunglasses: Some may think sunglasses are just for fashion, but they actually are not..! They are crucial eye protection gadgets. The pupils in the eyes widen and constrict according to the prevalent lighting, to safely absorb varying amount of light. This involuntary movement is the eyes’ natural way of protecting themselves. But the eye is very sensitive and too much light will actually damage some of your eye cells. If the damage is unhampered, you might end up one day, with weakened eyes or colour blindness. Bear in mind that Costa Rica is ‘full of the sun’ during the summer; and it is always prudent go there with eye protection.
  3. Baseball caps or Cowboy hats: Baseball caps and/or cowboy hats protect your face from unwanted exposure to the sun. Try to do a little experiment. Stay put in the sun for an hour or so and soon you’ll start to feel a stinging pain on your face, thanks to sunburn. Try it with a cap or a hat, and you will definitely see and feel the difference. Not only does direct sunlight cause sunburn, but owing to the ultraviolet radiation, it may also result in blemishes or irreversible damage to the color tone of your skin.

These 3 rather insignificant items, as thought by most, are rather crucial to making your stay comfortable and enjoyable in Costa Rica during the summer.

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