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Mountain biking in Costa Rica | Costa Rica Weather, Seasons, and Travel information

Costa Rica Moutain Biking

Posted on 23. Sep, 2011 by in Adventure, Sports

Mountain biking in Costa Rica

costa rica mountain bikingAvid mountain bikers will say that nothing beats an adventure of wandering off ‘the beaten path, And with Costa Rica mountain biking, nothing could be truer. From steep mountain slopes to flat open spaces, this country has the sort terrain that mountain bikers dream of and crave after.

There are many reasons for Costa Rica mountain biking  fast rise to popularity. The Costa Rica weather and climate make Costa Rica the perfect setting for this adventure spirited sport. There are some who feel that it is a convenient means of exercise while others simply use it as a way to get around. One thing’s for sure among mountain bikers: the thrill of the rush of wind against the face is priceless.

biking in costa rica

Costa Rica mountain biking racing is popular as well

There are a lot of moutain biking routes to try in Costa Rica but enthusiasts of the sport all agree that the area around Turrialba makes for the best biking itinerary. From this point, you can reach the Caribbean Sea after approximately 16 hours of riding. You can also try the little foothills that start from Cerre Muerte and lead to the Pacific Ocean. For a more strenuous exercise, try riding the mountainous area on San Jose’s west side – in the Central Valley and go all the way to the Cloud Forest area. Some experienced professional bikers even choose to go up the Arenal volcano before going down and possibly passing through the Arenal Lake.

Because of the beauty of Costa Rica’s landscape, mountain biking is hugely recommended as one as one of the vacation activities the country can offer. Recently tourism in the country, saw the boom of this sport which resulted on incorporating biking activities with vacation plans.  There are even some who arrange biking holidays where tourists can explore Costa Rica through their bikes.

Costa Rica Mountain Biking Adventures

All this aside, mountain biking is a good activity to include in your travel plans. It promotes healthy blood circulation as you will be exerting effort going up or down a hill and is also a good cardio vascular exercise. Beginners can try less intensity climbs first before proceeding to a more challenging one. Advances riders can try the challenge that Arenal offers. This volcano is famed to be the highest in the land.

When you plan for your trip on a bike, make sure to plan wisely and well. The routes in Costa Rica may be picturesque and ethereal but they can also be quite dangerous and will require much caution. If you are unfamiliar with the territory, make sure costa rica biking in mountainyou hire a guide to go with you. The last thing you want to happen is to get lost – or worse, attain an injury in the midst of open ground. Hiring a guide to ride with you is not difficult anyway. There are lots of agencies that offer this service, both online and locally. So Should you want to go biking on your next holiday in Costa Rica, you might find it good news to know that mountain bikes are plenty available for rent here. There is no need to bring you own ride to experience Costa Rica mountain biking adventures, although there are many who will no doubt insist on bringing their own personal bikes.

To avid mountain bikers, the adrenaline & elation of exotic trail blazing through Costa Rica mountain biking paths is as good as it gets.

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