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COSTA RICA, Tearing Rains In The Rainy Wet Season | Costa Rica Weather, Seasons, and Travel information

COSTA RICA, Tearing Rains In The Rainy Wet Season

Posted on 03. Mar, 2011 by in Rainy Season

Costa Rica is an equatorial country having two seasons, just like all countries near the equator. Being close to this horizontal line at the center of the earth has its advantages, which are nonexistent to those in the northern or southern hemispheres. The equator is the part of the earth that receives most of the raw power of the sun. Hence, the places within this area only have two seasons: the dry and the wet season. Owing to its humid environment, vast varieties of flora and fauna thrive in their forests and plentiful coral and fish species dwell in its seas. Of course, there are drawbacks too, of being in the equatorial regions.

Costa Rica, for example, is a tropical country. It is a popular tourist destination, particularly to European and North American visitors. This is due to the fact that Costa Rica possesses very unique geographical features, which are absent in most countries. Its people too, attract tourists. The Costa Ricans possess an innate pride of their race and nation. It is one of the very few countries in the world that has a classless society, where the equality amongst people of different economic and social status is unparalleled by none of the world’s major civilizations.

However, when the rainy season strikes, it can strike powerfully and swiftly. This is a major downside of a country whose major centers of population are nearby, and sometimes besides the towering mountains. Of course, in ordinary sun-tanned days, this is a great advantage for the dwellers of these areas, as it is a whole lot cooler here than those below the mountains or along the plains, but when an unceasing rain comes, as it does every year, devastation is feared to be just around the corner. Authorities always warn against eminent flash floods, landslides, and mudslides during the times like these, when damages including blocked roads, destroyed bridges and railways, cut off communication lines, etc. become very common. The worst case includes the desolation of entire communities.

This is, without a doubt a traveler’s worst nightmare. Who would want to be in these areas when heavy rains strike; without warning and without mercy. The clouds might look as though it will only bring insignificant rains, but before you know it, it is raining cats and dogs. Sometimes, heavy rains last overnight, or can continue for weeks together, when it really becomes unbearable.

Those who are at maximum risk of being affected by the rains are the occupants of the lowlands, especially those directly below a colossal mountain. Heavy rains that last for days can decimate entire villages with landslides and mudslides. It is also most unsafe to travel within the country during heavy rains. The roads can never offer you the slightest form of security against flash floods and landslides. Most of the roads, as a matter of fact, get the heaviest damage from unceasing rains and millions of dollars are spent by the government annually to repair and rehabilitate national roads, railways, and telecommunication facilities. Therefore, if you do plan to visit Costa Rica during the rainy season, it is always advisable to stay close to the coast. Here at least, you are least prone to falling victim to any rain caused catastrophe.

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