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Costa Rica the Perfect Yoga Destination | Costa Rica Weather, Seasons, and Travel information

Costa Rica the Perfect Yoga Destination

Posted on 24. Sep, 2011 by in Sports, Tips & Interests

Costa Rica Yoga Retreat Destination

Costa Rica yoga weatherYoga is a discipline that creates a balance in your core, developing strength and stability at the same time. This exercise finds its roots in India, back into the earliest Indian texts, the Vedas. Back then, yoga wasn’t just something that people did periodically; in ancient India, yoga was considered to be a way of life all its own. There were guidelines on how to do ordinary everyday things such as eating, bathing and social interaction, to name a few. Yoga was more of a sense of morality than it was simply a means of body sculpting and toning.

Today, yoga is extensively taught and practiced as a means of de-stressing and a process of finding yourself in the midst of life’s hectic schedule. It is easy to lose yourself without yoga, to not stay attuned to your body and listen only to the demands of the world. If such is the case, without yoga, you are bound to crash and burn, with your body as the only casualty and your fate, caused by your very own hand. Yoga, as it is presented in these days, is a means to find peace and solitude between you and the universe. Take a few moments for yourself to really listen and leave the cares of the rat race behind.

Best Costa Rica Yoga Climate

This is one of the key activities that Costa Rica is currently touting. Yoga in the bustling city can be challenging. There are costa rica yoga climateintruding sounds left and right, the bus horns, the endless traffic, the thoughts and care of a million of other people can be distracting. All these can make Yoga a challenge of focus rather than a pleasurable exercise. On the other hand, when you try and practice Yoga in the serenity of a rejuvenating sunrise or in the middle of a tranquil forest, you will find it easier to still your mind and body and find the elusive balance life in the city can easily

The weather and climate in Costa Rica is the perfect setting for any avid Yoga follower. The mountains provide an ideal setting to be alone with your thoughts and concentrate on the flow and balance of your core. The beach can also serve as a good location to be at peace and collect yourself. In general, Mother Nature is simply the best place to lose yourself and then find the very center of your being. The best thing about Costa Rican terrain is that you don’t have to go very far to find solitude: Costa Rica is one big rainforest with miles and miles of blissful beaches on the side. It is so easy to pick your spot to reflect and then go back to rejoin friends to a perfect summer getaway.

Many of the beach towns have world class Costa Rica yoga studios. Within any of the Pacific beach areas you will find yoga retreats, yoga surf camps, as well as a number of all inclusive yoga getaways.

Costa Rica Yoga is The Perfect Setting

Fly to Costa Rica to experience this tropical paradise. If you are a long time  Yoga practitioner, find out what you’ve been missing: Costa Rica has much to offer and more to give to weary travelers. Find out what perfect balance truly means in Costa Rica’s lush and verdant forests and long, sandy beaches. Yoga and Costa Rica: they simply go together.

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