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Costa Rica Weather in August | Costa Rica Weather, Seasons, and Travel information

Costa Rica Weather in August

Posted on 15. Mar, 2011 by in Weather by Month

August in Costa Rica is still part of the Green or Rainy Season. To the experienced traveler, this is an opportunity to travel without hurting your pocket. August is low season for the country as hotels and resorts offer as much as 20-40% discount on the rooms.

The rainy season in Costa Rica is so named only because this season gets more rainfall than its dry season counterpart. Costa Rica showers are usually no stronger than a slight drizzle and will surely not interrupt beach lovers who want to get a tan. Average temperatures during this month go from 60-75 degrees Fahrenheit while humidity goes to about 85%. Rainfall on the other hand, averages to 15 inches.

There are a lot of merrymaking fiestas or events in Costa Rica for August. First up is the Virgen de los Angeles, (Virgin of Los Angeles) which celebrates the country’s patron saint, La Negrita. (The Black Virgin) This event is marked with a pilgrimage by Ticos to the Basilica in Cartago. Next comes Fiesta Ciudad Colon which is celebrated by street dancing, music, traditional food preparations as well as by toro a la Tica which roughly translates to: bullfights without bloodshed.

Mother’s Day in Costa Rica is taken seriously here as it goes by another name: Assumption Day. This is a national holiday where banks and other businesses, as well as schools close in observance of it. Mother’s Day or Dia de la Madre, takes place on August 15.

A fourth occasion to look forward to is the Dia de San Bartolomeo which is done for two weeks including August 24. This event is highlighted by bands and cultural shows. It is then followed shortly by San Ramon’s Day on August 31 which is commemorated by shows, theatres and festival in honor of the Saint.

A final festival worth noting is Dia del Negro, Limon and San Jose which is famous for its month long celebrations of a three pronged occasion; Festival de la Cultura Negra; Festival Cultural Limon Roots and Festival Diaspora Africana.

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