Costa Rica Weather in July

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Cost Rica in July

July is considered part of the Costa Rican rainy or green season. During this time, rain falls more generously over the landcovering it with a thin layer of moisture. Travelers and tourists have nothing to fret about however since Costa Rican rain can hardly interfere with beach fun. Average temperatures during this month range from 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Humidity is a tolerable 85% while the rainfall – indicative of the season – is at an average of 15 inches. The rainshowers are usually about the strength of a water spritz and will only occur in the late afternoons or early evenings. On the rain occasions where a rainstorm occurs though, it is nothing more than a mere drizzle and never strong, drenching rain.

Travelling to Costa Rica in July is not so popular as far as tourism goes…

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