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Costa Rica Weather in June | Costa Rica Weather, Seasons, and Travel information

Costa Rica Weather in June

Posted on 15. Mar, 2011 by in Weather by Month

Costa Rica in June

The month of June is part of Costa Rica’s Green Season. Green Seasons are identified with occasional showers which often come in the late afternoons or towards the end of the day. A common misconception Costa Rica in Junefor this season, is that constant rain outs may potentially spoil a beach holiday. This is a myth of Costa Rica in june however, as most mornings are preceded by decent sun even in the rainy season. The rainy season only pertains to more moisture and precipitation as compared to the dry season although there are the occasional 4-5 days of straight rain that are in actuality uncommon. Temperatures during these months vary from 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit while average rainfall climbs up to about 11 to 17 inches. A visible change in humidity is also reported ranging from 85 to 88%.

is the weather better in june or july in costa rica?

Is a common question many people ask. If your looking for a little less rain then the answer would be July. If you your looking for less crowds and dont mind the rain you may prefer June.

Costa Rica being a predominant Roman Catholic country, most of the holidays that are followed here is in relation to the faith. One such holiday is the Corpus Christi which occurs 40 days after Easter. This is a movable feast which is based on the date on which Easter falls for the year. Should Easter come early or mid – April, this feast may also be moved to May instead. Common celebrations include processions which highlight the nation’s faith and tradition.

Costa Rica in June Events

Every June 29 is known as St. Peter and Paul’s day or otherwise locally called Dia de San Pedro y San Pablo, which is a day Costa Rica Weather in Junemarked with masses and processions held in the honor of these two saints. Other lesser known but celebrated festivals include the Fiestas Pattronales Trinidad de Moravia, San Pedro de Montes de Oca, Leon Cortes and San Jeronimo (a mouthful indeed to the untrained tongue!) as well as the Fiesta San Juan de Tibas which is celebrated with music and dancing as well as locals engaging in tora a la Tica – bullfights without bloodshed.

Benefits of Costa Rica Weather in June

Costa Rica in June is part of the rainy season just before what many refer to as our Indian Summer which is about a 3-4 week time frame in July where the climate temporarily mimics the dry season. Usually June will have some wind and rain although recently in since 2009 Costa Rica has experienced drier then normal green seasons. June is a great time of year to escape the tourism crowds after the high & dry season and just before the summer vacationers of July and August arrive.

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  1. Tee

    23. Mar, 2011

    It’s true that the rain is unlikely to spoil a beach holiday, it is Costa Rica after all, but beware that seasonal heavy rains that deposit high volumes of water quickly can result in washouts and flash flooding. For this reason, if you are traveling in Costa Rica during the rainy season, be aware, be careful and if you are traveling by car, prefer a 4×4 just in case.

    - Tee

    Tee is the founder and senior editor of Costa Rica CLOSEUP a Travel Guide to Costa Rica with Events, Articles and Information for everyone traveling, retiring and/or purchasing real estate in Costa Rica. Please visit http://www.costaricacloseup.com for more information.

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