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Costa Rica Weather in May | Costa Rica Weather, Seasons, and Travel information

Costa Rica Weather in May

Posted on 15. Mar, 2011 by in Weather by Month

Costa Rica in May

The rainy season in Costa Rica usually starts off in the month of May. Frequent travelers will tell you however, that the rainy season is only characteristic of occasional showers but never pouring. For many May is considered one of the best kept secrets as far as a special time of the year to travel to Costa Rica. rain. What may seem to you as heavy rain droplets may to a local, look like a light sprinkle. This is a common weather trait for Costa Rica in May

costa rica in mayThis season is also called the green season. The temperatures vary from 60-90 degrees Fahrenheit while rainfall is an average of 10inches with humidity rising by at least 85%. Storms sometimes occur during this month but this is not considered the period when most rains occur.

A Taste of Costa Rica in May

Costa Rica in May also signals the start of low season. Since travelers are now fewer in number, accommodations may be had for a discounted rate. There may even be times when rooms are sold with a 20-30% discount. Beaches are also less crowded hence offering more opportunities to lounge and enjoy the view in privacy.

The most well known holiday for Costa Rica in May is Labor Day or Dia de los Trabajadores. Picnics, outdoor games and sports as well as parades and marches are customary activities to celebrate this event. Cricket is a popular game in Puerto Limon during this month. The Costa Rican President gives a ‘State of the Union’ speech that addresses the Congress and the people of the country.

Other lesser known yet equally picturesque holidays are Fiesta Pattronale Desamparados and Fiestas Pattronalles San Marcus de Tarazzu and Coronado. These holidays are marked with street fairs, music and dancing with delicious and mouthwatering food prepared traditionally. Another well known activity is the ‘Torro ala Tica’ or simply translated bullfights without costa rica weather in maybloodshed.

Benefits of Costa Rica Weather in May

Althoug the Costa Rica weather in May is considered the rainy season you will find over 50% of the morning to be sunny with light showers arriving in the afternoon. May is usually pleasant part of the rainy season whereas September and October display more of your classic rainy season characteristics with possible torrential down pours.

If you have an adventurous spark and would like to check out some of the off the beat areas and activities such as class river rafting then Costa Rica in May would be a good time of the year to visit.

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