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Costa Rican Seasons and More | Costa Rica Weather, Seasons, and Travel information

Costa Rican Seasons and More

Posted on 24. Apr, 2012 by in Dry Season

Costa Rican Seasons

Planning a trip to Costa Rica entails tourists to know when the best time is to go to this Latin American country, as well as learning more about safety and security tips and customs and traditions of Costa Ricans. Tourists should have an idea on the Costa Rican seasons so they can determine the best time for them to visit the country.

Costa Rican Seasons and Climate

Costa Rican seasons

There are only two Costa Rican seasons- wet season which begins in May and lasts up to November and the dry season that begins in December all the way up to April. The average yearly temperature in Costa Rica is between 21 to 27 degrees Centigrade. The coolest weather is felt during the months of November, December and January. The warmest time of the year starts from March all the way to May.

However, temperature may vary depending on the elevation of Costa Rican places. The country has various elevations which have different climate conditions for much of the calendar year. For example, the highland city of Monteverde is always foggy and misty throughout the year given its elevation, while the lowland areas like Guanacaste have a dry climate. The central valley section of the country probably has the best climate with average temperature of 22 degrees Centigrade, aside from the cool breeze coming from the coast.

Costa Rican seasons do not include summer, although rainfall is heavy in this tropical country particularly during the months of September and October. The average rainfall in Costa Rica is 100 inches but some mountainous regions of the country have as much as 25 feet of rainfall.

You’re Safe in Costa Rica

Many tourists flock to the country not just because of the Costa Rican seasons but also due to the excellent security. Costa Rica enjoys low threat from terrorism. In fact, there have been no reports or incidents of terrorism in the country. Tourists may however be bothered by disturbances like strikes and civil disobediences of the locals. Also, tourists are not spared from crimes like theft. Tourists can avoid being victimized by petty criminals by watching their belongings all the time. They are also advised not to wear too much jewelry or carry a lot of cash while traveling around Costa Rica. They should also stay away from poorly lit areas when making telephone calls or asking directions in lowly-populated districts. When staying in hotels and hostels, tourists must always be careful of their things. They should lock their valuables like travel documents and money in hotel safes as much as possible.

Staying Safe in Costa Rica

While it is generally safe to travel around Costa Rican via public transportation, tourists still have to be vigilant when riding public transport like buses. Petty theft usually victimizes tourists who keep their bags in overhead compartments of buses. Tourists are also advised to take only official taxis which are red in color and have a triangular stick on roofs. Official taxis also have the name and number of the taxi operator.

Customs and Traditions

Costa Ricans are friendly and non-confrontational. The residents of the country are not used to confronting their enemies. Costa Ricans are also polite people. They are likely to get offended by people who are brash and straightforward. Tourists are discouraged from being pushy or making harsh statements to their hosts. Costa Ricans appreciate the use of diplomacy like saying words such as “please.” Costa Ricans are also proud of being a democratic nation. The locals love their independence and thus expect their visitors to be respectful of their customs and traditions.

Tipping is not widely practiced in Costa Rica, even in tourist spots. However, it is a common practice to add a 10% surcharge on bills that serve as service charge. Thus, tourists don’t have to give tips to the locals. But this is not to say that tourists cannot give tips- a t least 5% tip may be enough to show appreciation to Costa Ricans for a service well done.


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