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Mal Pais-Weather, Climate & Info | Costa Rica Weather, Seasons, and Travel information

Mal Pais-Weather, Climate & Info

Posted on 17. Mar, 2011 by in Areas

Mal pais weather

Roughly translated, Mal Pais means ‘Bad Country’, so named because of the eroded land that this province is characteristic of. The soil is so full of sedimentary rocks that it is unusable for most kind of crop that may Costa Rica Mal Pais weatherpotentially yield a harvest. The semi-secluded landscapes in this province is a product of volcanic activity but all this has not stopped this province from being one of Costa Rica’s favorite spots for surfing enthusiasts and even nature lovers.

Mal Pais and its sister town, Santa Teresa have always been intertwined. They are so closely linked and are often understandably mistaken to be just one province. This is not the case however and between the two provinces, Santa Teresa is more developed thus giving Mal Pais the quaint, shabby chic charm. This is also why Mal Pais weather – the so called land where nothing can grow – has become home to several forms of wildlife such as the white faced monkeys, green iguanas and tropical birds.

Mal Pais Weather & Surf Town

Days at Mal Pais are usually sunny and bright with temperatures that range from 77 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. This is perfect beach weather which is why the beachfront draws crowds – from the rugged land that provides good breaks for surfers to the strong breezes that gives kite surfers the right amount of lift. Mal Pais however, is more popular among adventurers and thrill seekers as getting here requires more travel than other Costa Rican shore. Sport fishermen have also taken to the waters of MalCosta Rica weather Mal Pais Pais as it has gained renown in producing a good yield of mahi mahi and even tuna.

Mal Pais is also home to some very delicous world class seafood & sushi restaurants which can be found just by asking some of the locals around town.

weather in mal pais costa rica

The rough terrain of Mal Pais has also become popular among visitors. For those who prefer inland activities to soaking in the ocean, Mal Pais offers its many back roads for exploration. The lush and verdant forest that surrounds the beach is ideal for hiking,,biking, renting a quad for exploring, horseback riding or even for gliding through treetops by getting a ride on the jungle canopy tour. There will never be an idle moment here simple because there will always be something to do and keep you busy.

Wether its sunny & dry, or pouring down rain, Mal Pais is a unique town to kickback and chill in.



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