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Wildlife and Nature Reserves in Costa Rica | Costa Rica Weather, Seasons, and Travel information

Nature Reserves in Costa Rica

Posted on 23. Sep, 2011 by in Adventure, Nature Reserves, Wildlife

Wildlife and Nature Reserves in Costa Rica

costa rica nature reserveCosta Rica nature is well known for its crystal clear waters and pristine shores but did you know that this country has as much wildlife and natural reserve as it has beaches along the coastline? This Latin American country boasts of a thriving eco-tourism industry. Every province has a conservation area or natural reserve that aims to rehabilitate and conserve the natural resources of the land.

Wildlife and Natural Reserves come in many forms. There are conservations areas whose goal may be to prevent the illegal hunt of endangered species. There are natural parks that showcase the local plant life in the country. There are Lake Rehabilitation projects, Wildlife Parks, Forest Reserves, Wetlands and even an Experimental Forest whose ultimate goal is simply conservation. Each park highlights a different area and each forest, a different set of birds and plants that ensure visitors a different experience on every visit. A common misconception for the first time guests is that, once you’ve ‘seen one, (park) you’ve seen all’. This however is not applicable with Costa Rica; the land is so vast, the natural resources seemingly endless, the wildlife so diverse that it is impossible to concentrate it all in one area. Different parks will accentuate different project and lay emphasis to varying local flora and fauna.

Costa Rica Nature Park Tours

Typically, these parks appeal to those who want time to reflect and think in solitude. The ongoing boom of the eco-tourism Costa rica natureindustry however, is now also developing land areas for the adrenaline junkies. If you want to get that rush, you may try bungee jumping, zip lining, rock and mountain climbing and even mountain biking along these areas. The land is cared for but not in any way reshaped to make trekking or traversing it easier and more convenient. One other feature that the Natural Reserves are offering is the Canopy Tour where tourists and even locals can glide atop forests on a special harness and feel the brush of tree tops against their fingertips.

There are many nature parks to visit in Costa Rica. You can start with lowland rainforests such as those in Tortoguero, Manuel Antonio, Rio Frio, La Selva and Tiskita Jungle Lodge. These parks are home to some of the most beautiful and exotic birds known to man. It also has other striking animals such as iguanas, dart frogs, anteaters and sloths. Once you have had your fill of this herculean task, you can then move on to the coastline for a more intimate encounter with local marine life and even study how turtles go back to the land to lay eggs.

Exotic costa rica wild life

Visiting wildlife and natural reserves in Costa Rica may prove refreshing for those who seek a brief respite. It may also be educational as you learn more about the ecosystem and the overall balance of life. Whatever reason you may have, make sure to include a visit to at least one of the Wildlife and Nature Reserves in the country. Costa Rica nature will surely be a treat for your soul as well as a welcome alternative to a potentially monotonous beach holiday.

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