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On Vacation? Why Not Visit Costa Rica Tourist Sites | Costa Rica Weather, Seasons, and Travel information

On Vacation? Why Not Visit Costa Rica Tourist Sites

Posted on 05. May, 2012 by in Nature Reserves

Costa Rica Tourist Sites

Christopher ColumbusThe name Costa Rica was given by Christopher Columbus in 1502. Its direct translation is “rich coast”; and with everything that the country has to boast, it is unarguably a side of the earth that bursts with surprises for its locals and tourists alike. Costa Rica tourist sites abound, making it one of the most chosen destinations for vacations and honeymoons. It has also been touted as the “”Hawaii of Central America” because of everything it can offer to vacationers which is similar to what the Island offers.

For many, vacation may immediately mean heading to the beach and soaking up the sun. This is certainly not the case once a person sets foot in Costa Rica. Its temperate climate is just too good to be spent entirely on the beach. Everything about the country is exquisitely beautiful that a weekend vacation may not be enough to enjoy everything Costa Rica is famous for. From water sports to the great outdoors, Costa Rica is like a one-stop-shop that has everything for everyone.

A Breath of Nature

Going on vacation does not mean hitting white sandy beaches for the entire time a person is in Costa Rica. There is a lot to see. The breath-taking landscapes and mountaintops are just a few of the Costa Rica tourist sites that sweep vacationers off their feet. The lush rainforests are worth exploring as well. Tourists have a wide array of parks where they can spend the morning or afternoon taking in the fresh air as trees and plants surround the country. A trip farther to the countryside would lead vacationers to volcanoes Costa Rica is also famous for. The perfectly-shape cone volcano at Arenal National Park greets every tourist, which is definitely a sight to see in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Tourist Sites and WildlifeCosta Rica tourist sites

Animal lovers also get a dose of Costa Rica’s beauty as different species of animals abound the country. Bird and butterfly watchers are in for a treat as thousands of species of these animals are well taken care of at Costa Rica. The government has been so keen on making sure that everything about the country is preserved to perfection. Turtles and other reptiles are also attractions as Costa Rica has the biggest marine turtles that climb up to the beaches to lay their eggs. Even that is a sight to see in Costa Rica.

Not your Usual Beaches

With it perfectly temperate climate, the white sandy beaches of Costa Rica are the must-visit destinations in the country. Whether it is lounging on the sands to get that perfect tan or engaging into water sports, everyone is sure to have a great time. There are so many water activities that people can do while hitting the beach of the country. Scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, and snorkeling are top favorites. The vast beaches are also ideal for playing sports with friends such as beach volleyball. The Guanacaste coast is the place to be at night as beaches in this area turn on the night lights and “Rasta” music is played to suit the mood. The country’s Jamaican influence is certainly felt in this side of the country, at this particular time.

Costa Rica is ParadiseCosta Rica has definitely made its way into the hearts of many vacationers. The Costa Rica tourist sites offer a wide range of activities, may it be nature or water sports. The country indulges its tourists the perfect balance of recreation and relaxation. For one, spending time in Costa Rica is an opportunity in itself to learn the culture and the language. Moreover, with its rich natural resources, it is difficult to pass up the chance to explore this country in Central America. For those who are really after a laid-back time away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, Costa Rica tourist sites are also amazing places to just sit back, relax, and feast one’s eyes on what it’s paradise has to offer.



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