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Related info & Resources

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Surfcoaches.com – The best online surf instruction for improving all levels of surfing. SurfCoaches is the brain child of Mo’e & Brent from Shaka Surf Camp. Download the free 5 day course and sharpen up your surfing before you next surf vacation.

Anamaya Resort -If you are looking for a Yoga Teacher Training or Yoga retreat, Anamaya would be your next destination. Advanced level Yogis will find the yoga sessions in Anamaya quite challenging, while newbie would find the classes life changing. People who believe hospitality and eco-consciousness have to be mutually exclusive ones will be surprised to see how Anamaya integrates these two ideologies. All the rooms/cabinas are not only elegantly designed but also set an example of eco-friendliness. Anamaya’s surfing retreats are excellent opportunity to take your surfing to the next level! The level of competency, friendliness and commitment to excellence is unmatched. Foods are organic, buildings have been built using non-toxic materials and even fabrics are organic here.
Airflowandshade.com – As the green building movement gains momentum, so does the customer demand for energy efficient and environmentally friendly construction practices. Airflow and Shade is one of the few online platforms that promote the practice of creating sustainable structures and using processes that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient. Airflow and Shade might work as a complete guideline for your journey towards an eco-friendly and sustainable future. This is an excellent platform to find the eco experts and suppliers. Here you will find all the basics of tropical green building, sustainable constructions, eco-friendly lifestyle, and core principles in tropical green building.
CostaRicaJourneys.com – Costa Rica, famous for its biodiversity, is one of the world’s most popular destinations for eco-tourists. Tourist cannot but fall in love with the never-ending activities, amazingly pristine beaches, flora and fauna, wildlife, healthy food, and friendly people of Costa Rica. Costa Rica Journeys is one of the best online platforms that working as an ultimate travel guideline for the local and foreign tourists. Here you will find all the necessary information related to travel, accommodation, costs and safety. This is one of the most reliable sources of information about National Parks, Eco-lodges, Activities, Tours, Arts and Culture.
Malpaisbeach.com/rentals – Malpais offers the perfect mix of sun, sea and sand along with the delicious local food & drinks that really make a great holiday. If you are looking for villas, holiday homes, or vacation rentals in Malpais, Malpais Beach should be your first source of information. Sometimes finding and selecting a suitable vacation villa from an online platform becomes scary. But you will be amazed how Malpais Beach makes the process easy and fast! This website makes it easy, safe, and fun to find and select the perfect place to stay. Whether it is a tropical villa vacation with family and friends in Santa Teresa, or a romantic/honeymoon getaway, Malpais Beach’s well organized information makes your search for perfect vacation easy and hassle free.
Costarica-scuba.com – Get access to insightful information about hundreds of scuba dive resorts and companies. Costa Rica Scuba covers the latest in scuba diving tours, dive travel and scuba diving resorts. Isla de Cano, Catalinas, Tortuga Island, Murcielago and Isla de Coco are considered some of the best scuba diving destinations in Costa Rica. Each scuba diving point has its unique views and particular attractions with lots of marine life diversity. There are not too many online platforms that offer all inclusive information about all these diving spots. Fortunately, Costa Rica Scuba covers all these best scuba diving spots in the entire country. People behind this website are dedicated to bring you the best and most complete information about diving in Costa Rica.
Beaches-costa-rica.com – If you are looking for a single platform where you would find all the necessary information about Beach towns, surf spots, beach real estate, etc in Costa Rica, none but the Beaches Costa Rica is the perfect place for you. Costa Rica has more than 1,200km (750 miles) of shoreline on its Pacific and Caribbean coasts. So it’s not surprising that you will find hundreds of beach towns, surf spots, beach real estate, etc in Costa Rica. As Costa Rica went mainstream, a handful of formerly quaint beach towns officially became “touristy.” So now it has become a bit difficult to find the ones that best suit your taste, personality and budget. Beaches Costa Rica would be your guideline to find the best one.

CostaRicaSailing.net – Costa Rica Sailing is a website created by the travel geeks obsessed with finding the best Boating and Sailing tours available in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is full of natural wonders and one of the best ways to see these natural wonders is by taking a boat or sailing tour. There are literary hundreds of tour companies that offer boating or sailing tours in Costa Rica. But very few of these companies are specialized in Boating or Sailing tours! If you want the find the reliable information about boating and sailing tours in Costa Rica, Costa Rica Sailing would be your ultimate source of information. Get information from this boating and sailing website and enjoy sailing, boating, fishing tours, snorkeling, Scuba diving and sunset cruises in Costa Rica.

MalpaisBeach.com Though Malpais and the surrounding area are quickly becoming one of Costa Rica’s hottest destinations, you might get it a bit difficult to find enough information, especially from a reliable source, about this area. Unlike other online resources which provide outdated and promotional information only, Malpais Beach provides updated and insightful information, reviews and descriptions. Here you will find information about fishing tours, boating tours and snorkeling tours. There are many others activities including scuba diving, horseback riding, hiking, bird watching and waterfall rappelling. Malpais Beach is only website where you would find information about all these activities. That’s why experienced travelers consider this as ultimate Malpais and Santa Teresa Travel Guide.
Malpaissurfing.com – Mal Pais consists of three small towns called Santa Teresa, Playa Carmen, and Mal Pais. The beaches of Mal Pais and Santa Teresa are considered as some of the best surf spots not only in Costa Rica, but also in whole Central America. Surf conditions are almost ideal throughout the year. There are a variety of world-class breaks. But it’s not that easy to find the best surfing spots there. If you are not familiar with the area, you might miss the best ones! Here comes Malpais Surfing! It’s not only a mere travel website, it’s your surfing guide which helps you find the best Santa Teresa and Malpais Surfing spots, Surf Tours, and Surf camps.

Montezumabeach.com – Montezuma, a town near the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, is considered as one of the best vacation destinations in Costa Rica. A perfect combination of pristine beaches, great weather, healthy tropical fruits, and above all open minded free spirited people makes this place unparallel. If you are looking for a single online platform to find all the much needed travel information including hotels, real estate, surfing, yoga, surf camps, waterfalls, and beaches, Montezuma Beach is second to none. Even if you are planning to stay here permanently or purchase land, villas, lodges etc, Montezuma Beach offers enough information for you also.

Montezumabeach.com/cabo-blanco – Though Cabo Blanco National Park was the first major conservation project in Costa Rica, you might face a difficult time to find information about the park. Montezuma Beach is one of the very authentic sources of information about the park and it offers basic details about Cabo Blanco including maps, activities and wildlife. It describes two basic ways to enjoy the park, San Miguel Research Station, Shipwrecks in or near the park. This well organized travel website helps the tourists to discover the hidden beauties of this decades old national park. Here you would find Admission Price, Cabo Blanco Phone Number and even an Email address of the park authority!

Pura-verde.com – In 2007 Costa Rican government declared that the country is going to be the first carbon neutral country by 2021. So it’s not that surprising that you would find hundreds of companies here in Costa Rica that promote Eco travel and sustainable tourism. Though Costa Rica covers less than 0.03% of the Earth’s surface, yet it contains about 5% of the Earth’s plant and animal species! Literary thousands of tourists visit this country each year to experience the bio-diversity of the country. Unfortunately there are only few websites or online resources that provide enough information about the Eco travel and sustainable tourism in Costa Rica. Pura Verde is one of the best online resources that has enough information on Conservation, Culture, Education, Green Building, Food, Health retreats, Real Estate and Traveling in Costa Rica.

RoatanGuide.net – Roatan, one of the Honduras Bay Islands in the Caribbean Sea, is one of the most popular cruise ship and scuba diving destinations in Honduras. This remote island boasts white-sand beaches, pristine bays and spectacular coral reefs. That’s why this beautiful Caribbean island is considered a Mecca for divers and snorkelers. Roatan Guide is one of the very few online platforms that include tips for exploring the Island, Flights, Diving sites, Lodging, B&B, Eco Lodge, Hostels, Hotels, Resorts, Vacation Rentals, Restaurants and Dive Companies. Roatan Guide is dedicated to make this the most enjoyable and memorable destination of your Caribbean Cruise.

Sportfishing-Costarica.com – Today Sport Fishing is considered not only a mere recreational activity, it’s now an alternative way to explore sea life, bio-diversity and natural wonders. Sport fishing is also considered as a way to release stress. Of all the possible reasons for fishing, fishing for pleasure is probably the most enjoyable one. A large number of locations have been identified in Costa Rica where sports fishing and hunting activities take place. Sport Fishing Costa Rica is one of the best online platforms that provide all inclusive information about sport fishing in Costa Rica. It offers most updated information about boating, sport fishing and day tours to people interested in seeing marine wildlife.

Tropisphere.com If you are looking for a property in Santa Teresa, Malpais, Montezuma, Manzanillo, Tambor and surrounding areas, Tropisphere should be the starting as well as the ending place for your search for beach houses, cottages, or mountain properties. This is one of the very few companies that promote a Socially Responsible real estate Business. It sells and rents properties in the Southern Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica. Those who are looking for lush, wildlife filled rainforest matched with beautiful towns and the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean, Southern Nicoya Peninsula would be the best place. Tropisphere will help you the best properties in this area.