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Top 5 Destinations for a Surfing Honeymoon in Costa Rica | Costa Rica Weather, Seasons, and Travel information

Top 5 Destinations for a Surfing Honeymoon in Costa Rica

Posted on 06. Apr, 2012 by in Adventure

Top 5 Destinations for a Surfing Honeymoon in Costa Rica

Mal Pais/Santa Teresa, Nicoya Peninsula

The bordering towns of Mal Pais and Santa Teresa offer Costa Rica honeymooners a wonderful
combination of excellent surf breaks, romantic beaches, and laid-back atmospheres. This is the place to
get away from it all for an unforgettable, romantic surfing honeymoon.

Playa El Carmen is the main beach that straddles Mal Pais and Santa Teresa. Surfers will find the rip tides
less powerful and the beach breaks more forgiving than other surf spots, which makes it a great place
for beginners. Playa Hermosa is another great place for beginners. Located just north of Santa Teresa,
honeymooners can ride the gentle swells in the morning and then enjoy a relaxing afternoon sunbathing
on the long stretch of the gorgeous white sand beach.

For the more advanced surfers, a Costa Rica surfing honeymoon spent at Playa Santa Teresa will never cease to
amaze. Not only is the beach extraordinarily beautiful, the sunsets world-renowned, and the nightlife
exuberant, the variety of surf means that there will never be a dull moment riding the waves. Here the
beach breaks, high swells, and point breaks are big, hollow, and come fast at low tide.

Some other more advanced surf spots in the Santa Teresa and Mal Pais area include Punta Barrigona,
Sunset Reef, and Manzanillo.

Tamarindo, Nicoya Peninsula

Tamarindo is perhaps one of Costa Rica’s most well-known and popular surf destinations. Its world-
renowned surf breaks and multitude of established surf schools makes Tamarindo a wonderful Costa
Rica honeymoon destination for both beginning and advanced surfers.

The two most famous breaks are Witches Rock and Ollie’s Point to the north of Tamarindo. Other surf
spots offering a wide variety of breaks are Playa Grande, Rivermouth, Pico Pequeño, Old’s Man, and
Playa Langosta.

Be aware, however, that fame draws crowds. Tamarindo’s boutique-lined streets and busloads of
tourists make it a less than tranquilo honeymoon destination. The waves are magnificent, though, and
many will put up with the Pizza Hut on the beach in order to experience the adrenaline-pumping swells
at Witches Rock.

Nosara, Nicoya Peninsula

Nosara has become a popular surf destination for both beginner and advanced surfers looking to
get away from the crowds at some of the other Nicoya Peninsula beaches. The small community and
pristine beaches offer up a quieter surfing honeymoon.

The two main surf beaches are Playa Guinoes and Playa Pelada. Playa Guinoes has consistent waves for
every skill level, while Playa Pelada has the best waves during the dry season.

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