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Volcanoes Costa Rica | Costa Rica Weather, Seasons, and Travel information

Volcanoes Costa Rica

Posted on 24. Sep, 2011 by in Adventure, Areas, Nature Reserves, Tips & Interests

Costa Rica Volcanoes

Costa Rica Volcanoes

Costa Rica a small country with alot of volcanoes

Costa Rica is a land peppered with volcanoes. This country has a total of 7 active and at least 60 dormant or inactive ones. Many of the volcanoes are still considered ‘young’ as they were formed fairly recently by volcano standards. (A volcano is considered young when it has only been formed in the last 2 million years or so.) Volcanoes are as much a part of the Costa Rican landscape as any other hill or valley in the countryside and also form an essential part of the culture that even the national flag bears a ring of volcanoes.

One thing truly unique about Ticos, (locals) is that rather than run away and avoid these sleeping giants, they have built natural parks and conservation areas around Costa Rica Volcanoes instead. This is of course, a strategic plan because by building these well loved and famous tourist attractions, they have not only capitalized on a land feature that is uniquely their own, but have also used their resources to study Costa Rican volcanic activity constantly and in close proximity.

There is an abundance of Costa Rica Volcanos

There are so many volcanoes in Costa Rica that it is part of what is known as the Pacific ‘Ring of Fire’. The most active of these is the Arenal followed closely by Poas and Rincon de la Vieja, Irrazu and Turrialba. This of course is just part of the long list of volcanoes and their parks; suffice to say that every province in the land has at least one or is surrounded by, a volcano.

Here is a list of Volcanoes Costa Rica

Costa Rica Volcanoes and their nature reserve contact information:

Arenal Volcano
Phone: (506) 2695-5908
Website: www.costarica-nationalparks.com/arenalnationalpark.html

Barva Volcano
Phone: (506) 2283-5906
Website: www.costaricaphotos.com/gallery/main.php?g2_itemId=309

Irazu Volcano
Phone: (506) 2551-9398
Website: www.costarica-nationalparks.com/irazuvolcanonationalpark.html

Poas Volcano
Phone: (506) 2482-2165

Rincon de la Vieja Volcano
Phone: (506) 2666-0630
Website: www.costarica-nationalparks.com/rincondelaviejanationalpark.html

Tenorio Volcano
Phone: (506) 2695-5908
Website: www.costarica-nationalparks.com/tenorionationalpark.html

Turrialba Volcano
Website: www.costarica-nationalparks.com/turrialbavolcanonationalpark.html

Visiting Costa Rican volcanoes are considered part of a perfect holiday for thrill seekers and adventurers. There are many Costa Rica volcano nature reserveactivities in store for guests both foreign and local. There is the usual bungee jumping which only the brave or the insanely crazy try. There’s also zip lining, mountain biking and hiking. If you also want to simply take a stroll, the path is long and winded and the climate is so cool and inviting. You may even be lucky enough to chance upon a coffee or strawberry field – and then if you’re REALLY lucky, you just might be able to grab some free treat of either fresh fruit or a hot cup of newly harvested and ground coffee.

Costa Rica’s volcanoes are a must see for every traveler. These land formations are a perfect testament to the Ticos – they are a feisty race that has made the land near the volcanoes their home. It is also reflective of their overall personality in the acceptance of tourists and guests. Visitors in Costa Rica keep coming back not only because of the land and its beauty but also because of the warmth and sincerity by which they were welcomed. The next time you are in this Shangri-la, make sure to include the local volcanoes in your itinerary. Take in and revel in the land and all it has to offer. What you may ultimately find fascinating is how nature’s wrath has been transformed and instead lain the groundwork for an unparalleled beauty that is visited and admired, the world over.



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