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What Do I Bring to Vacation in Costa Rica | Costa Rica Weather, Seasons, and Travel information

What Do I Bring to Vacation in Costa Rica

Posted on 03. Mar, 2011 by in Tips & Interests

Costa Rica, a country fabled for its nature, beauty and people, any global trekker would be extremely keen to visit here. However, an important question which shall plague the mind would be; what are the things that one ought to bring along while visiting Costa Rica, which shall ensure the stay to go exactly as planned?

First, of course, you would need to be versed with the geography of Costa Rica. This is one of the most crucial preparations when planning on travelling to Costa Rica, because Costa Rica is geographically located close to the equator, you can expect the weather, which is a bit humid, a bit warm and at the same time, gets a bit cool too in the evenings and at night. So, you don’t really need to bring any heavy duty jackets or parkas, as they would only add to the bulk of your belongings, which you won’t be using anyway. Therefore, perhaps just a sweater would do, in case you decide to go to the higher up places and enjoy the much cooler environment there. A medium-built jacket will also come in handy if you go hiking in Costa Rica’s infamous parks and mountains. Since we are on the subject of rainforest hiking, if you do plan on undertaking this activity, then you’d better bring with you, 2-3 pairs of long pants. The rainforests of Costa Rica are just like all the rainforests anywhere else, full of unknown and evolving species of flora and fauna. They are teeming with insects and plants, which have developed a special self-defense mechanism that can irritate your skin terribly upon contact and create ugly rashes or marks, which you definitely do not want as souvenirs, to take back home!

Costa Rica also happens to contain exotic Caribbean and Pacific beaches on its east and the west frontiers. Thus, any visitor, no matter whether smart or feeble minded, will bring with him a swimming suit, a couple of snorkels, towels, and the likes for the scuba diving activities. If you are a surfer, and you plan to go to a Costa Rican beach by November or December, then it is definitely suggested for you to bring with you, your favorite surf board. If you think it’s a bit too bulky to carry, you could leave it behind and just rent one at the hotel or the beach you visit. You would also want to bring a couple of shorts and beach shirts for evening beach parties at the resorts along the coastline.

Costa Rica, being situated near the equator, only has two climates: Dry season and the rainy season. Once you get there, you may hear some people talk about ‘winter’, but don’t be fooled; as they refer to their rainy or wet season as ‘winter’. Being a place with inevitable intermittent rains, it is recommended, that only light clothes to be brought along, which dry quickly. If you do get caught in rain and get wet, the clothes would dry up easily and you wouldn’t have to head back to the hotel for a change of clothes.

Also, a cap and a bandana would come in handy. The former is extremely useful to keep the sun off your eyes, as the tropical sun’s beam can be pretty nasty when it hits your face and eyes. The bandana serves many practical aspects, such as wiping the sweat off your face and glasses, etc.

Traveling is a very rewarding and very fulfilling experience. But only if you accomplish the basic preparation steps and manage to carry and accommodate all the things that you’ll need. Forgetting important things and traveling paraphernalia can be very disturbing later, and possibly be detrimentally dangerous. And finally don’t forget a Spanish/English, passport and your pura vida attitude dictionary.

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