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What to Do and When to Go To Costa Rica | Costa Rica Weather, Seasons, and Travel information

What to Do and When to Go To Costa Rica

Posted on 24. Apr, 2012 by in Transportation

When to Go To Costa Rica

When to go to Costa RicaCosta Rica is getting a lot of raves these days from tourists who have seen how beautiful the Latin America nation is. These tourists are responsible for the word-of-mouth advertising that have considerably propelled interest on this country. An average of 2 million visitors travel to Costa Rica yearly, and the numbers continue to increase every year. With its rich ecological wonders ranging from unspoiled beaches, virgin rainforests, and bountiful rivers, Costa Rica is a sight to behold for any tourist. Any person wondering when to go to Costa Rica would also be surprised with the impressive infrastructure in the country such as luxurious resorts and hotels dotting its various parts.

Getting Around

So when to go to Costa Rica? Anytime! Costa Rica is a small country which makes it easier for tourists to get around the territory. Flights are usually short and cheap. There are two major domestic airlines serving tourists in Costa Rica- Nature Air and Sansa.

For tourists who are not inclined to spend their precious dollars for flights, then getting around the country by bus is the next most practical option. Bus fares are cheap. It also helps that buses are well maintained and these vehicles can go anywhere in the country. The local buses charge the cheapest rates, although speed leaves a lot to be desired. Likewise, local buses have numerous bus stops. Express buses are faster though more expensive than the local buses. These express buses are newer and provide more comfort with some units having bathroom facilities. However, most units operate only during holidays and weekends.

When to Go to Costa Rica and What to See

Eco-tourism destinations top the list of attractions in Costa Rica. Many of the best places to see in Costa Rica are rivers, beaches, forests and mountains. One of the more popular places to visit in Costa Rica is the Corcovado National Park. Here, tourists will be entertained by activities like diving and hiking, and interaction with dolphins. Another must-see tourist destination is the Arenal Volcano, which is a highly active volcano. The volcano erupts every now and then, and lava flowing down the volcano slope at night is one of the main tourist attractions in the country. For those who cannot stand such sight, the La Fortuna waterfall can provide a refreshing respite. Tourists may also visit the national park to hike and enjoy the sunset views over the lake, take part in outdoor activities or swim in the famous hot springs.

The city of Puerto Viejo is very popular among backpackers and thrill seekers with its great white sand beach, waves ideal for surfing and a community fond of parties. The town residents are party animals who love celebrating almost every night. There are many beach hotels around the city to accommodate visitors looking for some tranquility.

Beach lovers should also book a trip to Manuel Antonio which is popular for its white sand and warm, blue waters. Aside from It's a Turtle-friendly Costa Ricaits white sand beaches, the area is near a national park where secluded beaches can be found. Hiking can also be done in the said national park.

Those who prefer to see the Costa Rican wildlife should go to the Tortoguero located on the northern coast of the country. This territory is dotted with rivers and canals that encircle the entire jungle, similar to the Amazon rainforest. The area is home to a massive colony of turtles which can be spotted nesting along the shoreline. The turtles usually nest during the months of April and May. During the other months of the year, Tortuguero offers activities like hiking and canal cruising.

When to Go to Costa Rica

A tourist asking when to go to Costa Rica should know that the best time to go to Costa Rica is during the months of November and April. This stretch also happens to be the dry season in Costa Rica. Minimal rain is experienced during this time of the year, which makes it perfect for tourists who want to spend time on the beach or simply to stay outdoors.



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