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Where to Go in Costa Rica and Have a Blast | Costa Rica Weather, Seasons, and Travel information

Where to Go in Costa Rica and Have a Blast

Posted on 24. Apr, 2012 by in Adventure

Where to Go in Costa Rica

Where to go in Costa RicaPlanning a trip to Costa Rica? If you are one of the many tourists asking “where to go in Costa Rica?” then read on.  Costa Rica is a magnificent country, lying between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Despite a limited area of 51,000 square kilometers, the country is blessed with beautiful beaches, awe-inspiring mountains and volcanoes and numerous bays and gulfs. Tucked right in the heart of the tropic, Costa Rica is an ideal vacation spot for tourists who have had enough of the cold seasons. It also helps that this country is a very peaceful territory with little to no threat of terrorism. People in the country are friendly and accommodating. And there are tons of hotels and lodges that offer reasonable rates and tours to tourists.

A Rich Ecotourism

Ecotourism is a vital component of the Costa Rican tourism industry. With its extraordinary biodiversity, the country attracts millions of visitors yearly with its rainforests, rivers, waterfalls and volcanoes. Sightseeing in Costa Rica is enjoyable. The government protects the natural resources of the country with its protected areas, national parks, biological and forest reserves.

Bird watching is a very common activity of tourists in Costa Rica. The reason is very simple- there are nearly 900 bird species in the country alone, despite the small territory. The Caño Negro Lake on the northern border of Costa Rica is a haven for bird watchers particularly during the latter part of the year as ducks and herons gather there annually.   Aside from birds, turtles are also thriving in the country with numerous turtle species nestling in different Costa Rican coast during specific months of the calendar year. A refreshing Costa Rica forest

There are nine active volcanoes in Costa Rica, with the Arenal Volcano as the most frequently visited and most active. In fact, its pyrotechnic displays have become an attraction to tourists in the area.

Beaches and More Beaches

Where to go in Costa Rica? Beaches are plentiful and beautiful in Costa Rica. One of the more popular beaches in Costa Rica is the exotic beach Langosta in Guanacaste in the north Pacific coast of the country.  Tourists asking where to go in Costa Rica should consider visiting this beach to appreciate its rocky shoreline, white sand and pristine waters. Every year, surfers flock to this beach to do their thing although the beach can get crowded during certain times of the year.

The beach is a stone throw away from the Las Baulas National Park, one of the nesting places of the leatherback sea turtle. The Las Baulas is flocked by tourists during the months of October to March to see turtles lay off their eggs. The east and south parts of the beach are dotted with beautiful mountains. Other activities that may be enjoyed in Langosta are sport fishing, snorkeling, windsurfing and even land-based activities like horse-back riding and mountain biking.  Because of the tropical climate in Costa Rica, the sun is out throughout the year with occasional downpour during the rainy months.

Where to go in Costa Rica for Fun activities

Costa Rica Golf havenGiven the varied topography, ideal weather and flora and fauna in the country, Costa Rica is a golfer’s paradise. Tourists in Costa Rica prefer to play golf in the country with its numerous golf courses meticulously crafted on hectares of rolling terrain. There are eight top notch golf courses in Costa Rica  that offer breathtaking mountain views of the Costa Rican valley and the Pacific Ocean.

Tourists in Costa Rica can choose from different vacation packages offered by Costa Rican travel agencies to find out where to go in Costa Rica. Excursions are arranged in regions like Arenal, San Jose, Rincon dela Vieja, Turrialba, Monteverde and Guanacaste. Tourists asking where to go in Costa Rica may go on hiking, boating, rafting, kayaking, windsurfing, surfing, sport fishing and snorkeling. Lodging is also no problem in Costa Rica. There are jungle lodges for travelers who prefer to go on a nature trip. There are also five-star hotels found in the capital city of San Jose, and beach resorts for the beach bums.



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